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Local Services

Contributing to a better quality of life through local, inclusive, and environmentally respectful services

Services for individuals…

  • Solutions offering a complete customer experience (families, caregivers, students, etc.) or “unprecedented” (conversational assistant, augmented reality…)
  • Solutions facilitating relationships with the local environment (shops, neighborhood, city): 15-minute city, simplified ordering or requests for services, access to home services (concierge, management assistants, home care solutions, property security)…
  • Solutions promoting more responsible consumption (comparators, marketplaces, intermediation platforms): local, sustainable products, repair services, object reconditioning and reuse, etc.
  • Local services that can be operated by La Poste’s workers or solutions that allow the postal worker to be sent at the right time for an intervention or maintenance
  • Solutions facilitating administrative tasks (for families, caregivers, students, refugees, during moves…)

…including Silver Economy Services

  • Solutions simplifying access to administrative, financial, and banking assistance, as well as social service requests…
  • Home care solutions, access to delivery services
  • Inter-generational connection services

Housing improvement…

  • Solutions facilitating waste management, recycling and reusing objects
  • Solutions aimed at making buildings intelligent and self-sufficient in energy/heating or with reduced ecological impact (low-carbon buildings, smart grids, self-production and self-consumption)
  • Solutions promoting new shared and secure uses of housing and buildings (co-living, participatory housing, modular spaces…)
  • Solutions using data to help move, provide information and tools to find the best city, the best real estate that meets one’s needs to live or invest

…and social interaction, neighborhood life

  • Smart solutions for neighborhood information and entertainment (neighborhood apps and access to local shops)
  • Solutions aiming to ensure social and economic diversity, housing ownership, and improvement of living conditions for all residents, including people with disabilities…
  • Solutions for sharing local expertise and best practices at post offices
  • Solutions facilitating exchanges between residents in a city, neighborhood, building, third places, co-ownership…
  • C2C solutions for peer-to-peer exchange of products and services

Urban logistics & mobility

  • Efficient urban and rural logistics: shared delivery services with low emissions, short supply chains (e-C2C, local e-commerce)
  • Soft mobility solutions: electric mobility, micro-mobility or shared mobility
  • Maintenance solutions for cargo bikes and cycle logistics vehicles
  • MaaS solutions facilitating intermodality
  • Circular economy logistics (collection of diffuse objects): home collection, voluntary drop-off points…
  • Solutions facilitating traceability of objects from sender to recipient
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Local Services


An e-commerce dedicated SaaS solution for exchange and return management, fostering repeat purchases and customer retention.


A cutting-edge tour and route optimization solution that empowers transportation industry players in planning and executing their operations.

Bib Batteries

A comprehensive battery management service for electric bike and scooter fleets, encompassing repair, recycling, and repurposing of batteries in new applications.