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The program

La Poste business accelerator program, designed to boost the development of digital services with positive impact

Our “Raison d’Être”

Accompanying the digital transformation of our societies is a major priority of the strategic plan “La Poste 2030, committed for you”.

Through its business accelerator program French IoT Impact x Technologie and its corporate partners, La Poste is looking for startups sharing the same values : developing inclusive and sustainable digital innovations

Together, we can have an impact and meet major societal challenges! 

In open innovation and ethics we trust!


French IoT, Impact x Technologie
is committed to… 

Empowering women entrepreneurs

Promoting responsible, sustainable and ethical digital technology

Innovating and creating value for the French regions

The age of reason

For over 7 years, French IoT has been combined high standards and goodwill. The program is distinguished by a close and long-lasting relationship with the start-ups.

– With +15 startups accelerated each year, more than 100 startups have grown at our side
– 30 startups have a collaboration with La Poste or its partners, 14 projects are under test
– More than 260 workshops led by experts
– 180 hours of individual coaching and mentoring
– More than 300 startups are part of the French IoT community, a pool of innovation for La Poste Group and its partners