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The program

La Poste business accelerator program, designed to boost the development of digital services with positive impact

Our “Raison d’Être”

Accompanying the digital transformation of our societies is a major priority of the strategic plan “La Poste 2030, committed for you”.

Through its business accelerator program French IoT Impact x Technologie and its corporate partners, La Poste is looking for startups sharing the same values : developing inclusive and sustainable digital innovations

Together, we can have an impact and meet major societal challenges! 

In open innovation and ethics we trust!


French IoT, Impact x Technologie
is committed to… 

Empowering women entrepreneurs

Promoting sustainable, ethical, and humanistic digital technology

Innovating and creating value for the French regions

2023: 9th Edition of French IoT

Launched in 2015, the French IoT Impact x Technology, business accelerator program combines high standards and kindness to detect and nurture startups whose innovations are linked to the La Poste group and its co-sponsor partners.

To turn these startups into robust partners, the winners benefit from a complete accelerator program that includes a Booster Entrepreneurs Program (training and coaching by experts), participation in trade shows, and business matchmaking.


Since 2015, French IoT has …

🚀 +300 active startups in the community (La Poste group’s innovation pool), of which 114 startups have benefited from the complete accelerator program

💡 +50 experiments and partnerships between the group and the supported startups

🎓 +700 hours of training and individual coaching & +280 workshops and talks led by top experts

⭐ 9.5 NPS start-up alumni (Net Promoter Score)