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French IoT

A Business Accelerator Program in connected services.

We are 100% committed to embrace our society major challenges.


In open innovation and ethics we trust!

For over six centuries, La Poste has been fostering innovation and reinventing itself to face the challenges of our society. We believe that we must act together to reach our goals!

That’s why,
We promote open innovation connecting startups with large corporations
We help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and bring their startups to the next level
Together, we are committed to meet social and environmental challenges.

La Poste Group and French IoT are eager to answer today’s biggest challenges working closely with partners and startups sharing the same values. Our ambition is to develop game-changing solutions which have a positive impact on our society.

As a matter of fact, we are focusing this year on:

  • Supporting female entrepreneurship by reaching gender parity among winners
  • Adding a new criteria for startups selection based on the positive social and environmental impact of their solutions
  • Collaborating with committed partners (coach, mentors, speakers, etc.)


Once upon a time…

Two open innovation programs emerged within a large organization aiming at helping and supporting innovative entrepreneurs who develop products and solutions, that make life easier for families, young and elderly people as well as professionals.

Those great initiatives laid the ground for two major business accelerator programs leveraging partner ecosystems all over France, and beyond.

In 2020, we are joining forces to stand for an entrepreneurship that makes the difference. Our main goals are:

  • Bridging the gap between digital AND ethics
  • Developing IoT- powered connected solutions WITH the lowest environmental impact possible
  • Spreading new technologies FOR more inclusive solutions
  • Building a digital economy WHILE preserving our values


Les Elanceurs

Open innovation program to support responsible entrepreneurs


French IoT

Open innovation program dedicated to connected services

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