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CHALLENGE #4 : Services for Territories

To support the development of territories, La Poste and Pôle Emploi Open Innovation Department, are looking for solutions to boost employment, facilitate access to education, strengthen intergenerational links, and design new ways of accessing public services.

In its strategic plan “La Poste 2030, committed for you”, La Poste group is working to promote regional development and cohesion.  Through its day-to-day activities and the territorial development mission entrusted by the French government, La Poste helps to reduce disparities between regions and supports the local economy, particularly by financing local authorities and economic players.

La Poste group also contributes to social innovation by multiplying innovative cooperation with players in the social and solidarity economy and deploying formats of presence adapted to each territory to make its services accessible to all, young people, working people, seniors, etc.

« La Poste supports the local economy and social innovation, by financing local authorities and economic players, and through partnerships with SSE players. »

Muriel Barnéoud, Corporate Social Responsibility Department

Reporting directly to Pôle emploi’s General Management, the Open Innovation department aims to prefigure the future public employment service.

In order to contribute to this mission, the Open Innovation department is positioned at the heart of an ecosystem of players dedicated to the emergence of innovations for employment.

Through its catalog of open data, project incubation, pitching and dissemination of digital services, the Open Innovation department sources, accompanies, consolidates and promotes innovative employment projects for jobseekers, recruiters and workers.

« For us, collective intelligence and open innovation are the keys to meeting tomorrow’s employment challenges. »

Antoine Bayle, Open Innovation Director

Docapost expertise facilitates the digital transformation of public action, which meets today 4 major challenges:

– Optimizing public spending
– Simplifying and making the internal organization more flexible
– Improving the quality of service provided to citizens
– contributing to digital inclusion

Committed to simplifying the lives of citizens and the work of public employees, Docapost offers a complete range of phygital solutions covering the entire digital chain of trust for a redesigned government and public service, based on omnichannel, customized or ready-to-use dematerialization solutions that draw on all of its expertise.

Since 2020, Docapost has been strongly committed to serving schools and education through its subsidiary Index Education, leading provider of educational software solutions (+17 million users, +3.4 billion connections per year) and leading host of school data in a secure environment certified ISO 27001.