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Challenge #3 : eHealth Services

Facing unprecedented challenges, innovation in the healthcare sector is more necessary than ever, to improve prevention and make the care process more fluid, both in healthcare institutions and at home.
In this context, La Poste group, the Research & Innovation Fund of FHF (French Hospital Federation) and Malakoff Humanis are looking for solutions to meet these challenges

La Poste Santé’s ambition is to be the partner of choice for healthcare and independent living professionals in order to improve the healthcare pathways of all French people.

This commitment is based on 4 missions: to simplify access to care and prevention in territories, to support patients when they leave the hospital and at home, to make healthcare paths more fluid by combining digital technology and human support services for each patient, and finally to offer everyday services provided by people they trust.

« A personalized, smoother, better prepared and better supported healthcare pathway. This is built together and today, join us! »

Delphine Mallet, CEO La Poste Santé

The Research & Innovation Fund of the Fédération Hospitalière de France brings together all the innovative stakeholders in healthcare and acts on 3 strong axes: promoting innovation, driving change, and supporting innovative projects.

« Successful collaborations between healthcare institutions and innovative companies will be essential elements in building the healthcare system of tomorrow.»

Guillaume Mercy, Director

Guillaume Mercy Directeur du Fonds FHF

As France’s leading healthcare data operator, Docaposte designs, develops, and operates digital service platforms and trusted digital solutions to meet the major challenges of the digitalization of the healthcare sector. In this sense, Docaposte helps laboratories develop new treatments, healthcare professionals improve efficiency and coordination in patient care, insurance companies and mutual insurance companies develop prevention.
Docapost relies on 3 lines of solutions to achieve this goal:
– CONNECTIVITY solutions to meet the challenges of the SEGUR,
– TRUST solutions to help streamline healthcare processes,
– DATA & AI solutions to enhance the value of healthcare data.

Health, pension, retirement, savings: at Malakoff Humanis, we protect companies, employees and retirees by putting people at the heart of our actions.
As a non-profit group, we dedicate a part of our profits to invest in digital and data, in order to bring more and more added value to our clients.

« We promote the development of innovative solutions that improve the social performance of companies and the quality of life of employees and retirees. »

Gauthier Lalande, MH Innov’ Director