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CHALLENGE #2 : B2B Services 

Docaposte, a subsidiary of La Poste group, and SCC France support the transformation of small, medium and large companies with digital and IT solutions that improve operational efficiency and create value.

Through this challenge, they aim to identify responsible and trustful digital services to support the internal transformation of companies improving customers as well as employees’ experience.


As a leader in digital trust in France and a subsidiary of La Poste group, Docaposte helps private companies and public institutions to operate their digital transformation.

Docaposte has over 40,000 corporate and government clients, 7,500 employees spread across more than 80 sites in France and internationally, and generated €826 million in revenue in 2022.

Docaposte is a leader and reference in digital solutions (voting, electronic registered mails, electronic signatures, digital archiving, etc.) and a leading operator of healthcare data in France, with over 45 million medical records. Docaposte is eIDAS qualified for its complete range of digital trust services.

Through its subsidiary Maileva, Docapost provides VSEs and SMEs with turnkey, easy-to-use solutions and dedicated support to help them gain operational efficiency and create value for their business.

« Guaranteeing a responsible digital environment, based on ethical values and trust, is our raison d’être. »

Olivier Vallet, CEO


Olivier Vallet PDG Docaposte

SCC France operates in three key areas of IT: user experience; infrastructure and cloud; and security and networks. Recently ranked as the second largest ESN in France by KPMG/Numeum, SCC now has a turnover close to 2.5 billion euros, 3,500 employees, and a presence throughout the French territory.

Around these activities, SCC France is a specialist in supply chain, technological expertise, project deployment, and operational maintenance. This approach is reinforced by its subsidiaries dedicated to the recycling and financing of these projects. These elements position SCC as a key player in innovation journeys, supported by its industrial partners such as Docaposte.

In 2018, SCC France created a dedicated innovation and incubation department. The objectives are multiple: to investigate new market segments; to inspire a dynamic based on business uses; and to support the technological ecosystem of French startups in order to accelerate their industrial development and give them easier access to public procurement.

« SCC supports the future technological champions of tomorrow and facilitates the transitions of our sectors of excellence.»

Didier Lejeune, CEO

Today, La Poste has more than 1.2 million active business customers (VSEs and self-employed entrepreneurs) for whom it offers a range of services that make their lives easier.

In its strategic plan “La Poste 2030”, professionals are a highly strategic and priority market that needs to be better served. To meet this ambition, La Poste Group has set up the specific program for professionals. This is a cross-functional plan that brings together La Poste, La Banque Postale, CNP Insurance, La Poste Mobile, Geopost and Docaposte. Its goal is to identify and synchronize all projects and marketing initiatives for the benefit of professionals.