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All connected devices and solutions to develop services in health establishments (hospitals), in companies, and remotely for individuals in a perspective of well-being, prevention or specific medical monitoring.

  • Services connected to La Poste’ e-Health application
  • Prevention, quality of life, health and well-being, including at work
  • Remote monitoring of chronically ill and discharged patients
  • Pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization at home
  • Traceability of care pathways and / or medicines
  • teleconsultation
  • E-screening and e-coaching
  • Observance and education around health, nutrition, physical activity
  • Care pathway and health journey management
  • Decision support (diagnosis and treatment)
  • Computer-assisted surgery
  • Preventive medicine
  • Precision medicine: risk prediction, molecular diagnosis, personalized treatments
  • Development of Intelligent Buildings to help manage hospital workflow
  • Digital Solutions for Public Health
  • Medical Deep Tech

#MedTech #MedicalData #CarePathway #HomeHospitalisation#Prevention #Teleconsultation #QualityOfLifeAtWork


Deep Tech

All innovations and new technologies, from the latest scientific advances, contributing to the automation of processes, development of AI in document management, data and documents enrichment, as well as innovations around the digital trust ...

  • Chatbots (like Messenger)
  • Voice Assistant,
  • Natural language processing (emotion and sentiment analysis, semantic analysis, …).
  • Document analysis and recognition
  • All «lexical, syntactic and semantic» layers of document analysis: Image upstream processing, cleaning, recognition, extraction, etc.
  • Semantic verification that can help e-reputation checks on social networks and personal data.
  • New technologies to help the transformation of documents into pure data, including usage modification and evolution.
  • All innovations around cyber defense, cryptography
  • Data anonymization
  • Electronic and secure payment method
  • Passwordless authentication mechanism
  • Blockchain for data or files certification

#Automation #AI #DigitalTrust #Blockchain #Disruption # CyberDefense


All the devices and solutions connected to support businesses on a daily basis by providing a rich, varied and quality service, or to simplify the daily life of individuals (family, children, seniors, students, etc.) through a better customer experience.

For individuals and professionals
  • Local services that can be operated by the postman
  • Solutions to send the postman at the right time for intervention or maintenance
  • Conversational assistant and other solutions offering better interaction and communication
  • Order placing or easy process for service request
  • Facilitated relations with the local environment (shops, neighborhood, city, etc.)
  • Strengthening of social ties
  • Home services (concierge service, management assistants, home support solutions, securing goods, etc.)
For companies and retailers
  • Multi-service local solutions
  • Supervision and activity reporting
  • Mail Assistant
  • Customer experience enhancement on physical sites (animation, interaction, etc.)
  • Easy access and connection to services
  • Remote network management (infrastructures, buildings, etc.) for interventions.

#LocalServices #CustomerExperience #Conciergerie #HomeServices #SocialTies

Smart City
& Moblity

All solutions for businesses, commercial real estate and private homes, contributing to the creation of the city of tomorrow: beautiful, lively, practical, connected and sustainable.

  • Smart Buildings: Connectivity and Management systems for housing and shared Spaces
  • Application to make daily life easier
  • New housing models: co-living, participatory housing, innovative living spaces Modular housing
  • Safety and security
  • Innovative installations in senior residences (heating, cooling, lighting, kitchen, common areas, …)
  • Any solution to ensure diversity, accession & social
  • Comfort improvement (summer)
  • Shared parking / Parking space rental
  • Services facilitating intermodal transportation: Transport time /car sharing
  • Urban logistics and delivery services
  • Reinvented mobility experience for the users
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility
  • Heating / energy system
  • Smart grids
  • Waste Management, Recycling and Circular Economy
  • Reduced ecological impact and low carbon building
  • Management of collective self-consumption
  • Neighborhood applications
  • Territorial coordination
  • Concierge service for companies and housing
  • Intergenerational projects
  • Common areas animation
  • Condominium management tools:
  • app management for all users questions, request centralization platform, …
  • Immersive 3D experience for real estate

#SharedSpaces #SharingEconomy #SmartHome #EnergyEfficency #Comfort #Logistics #Intermodality

GOV tech / Civic tech

All solutions that help reinvent public services (healthcare, transport, employment, education, tourism, security ...) to make them more affordable, simpler and improve democratic practices that place citizens at the center of public decision.

  • Modernization the functioning of the public administration
  • Simplify administrative procedures
  • AI and machine learning in the public sector
  • Smarter use of public data sets to provide more effective and targeted public services.
  • Digitizing processes and services
  • Online voting
  • Urban planning
  • Traffic Management
  • Citizen engagement platforms
  • Collective intelligence platforms
  • Participatory platforms
  • Digital tools for participatory democracy
  • Participatory budgeting
  • Neighborhood Council
  • Tools for improving citizen's request processing

#CitizenTrust #CitizenRelationshipManagement #ParticipativeDemocracy #Voting #GovernmentModernisation

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