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#CarePathwaysTraceability #EHealth #MedicalData #HomeHealthcare #Telemonitoring #QualityOfLifeAtWork

All connected devices and solutions to develop services in healthcare institutions (hospitals), ...

All connected devices and solutions to develop services in health establishments (hospitals), in companies, and remotely for individuals in a perspective of well-being, prevention or specific medical monitoring.

Illustrations of solutions sought by the FHF Fund for healthcare institutions, Malakoff Médéric for prevention in the workplace, and La Poste around its “e-Health” service for patients and health professionals:

For Healthcare Institutions :

  • Coordination of health actors around the patient and sharing of data, information and knowledge
  • Collection of patient data
  • Socialization of patients' health status
  • Traceability of care pathways and/or medicines
  • Development of intelligent buildings to help manage hospital workflows
  • Capture of environmental and epidemiological data

For general public or patients :

  • E-health services connected to La Poste’s new “e-Health” service for patients
  • Telemonitoring of chronic diseases and discharged patients
  • Teleconsultation
  • Pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization at home
  • Health monitoring and education, nutrition, physical activity - Preservation of autonomy at home
  • Prevention, quality of life, health and well-being, including at work
  • e-testing and e-coaching
  • Solutions facilitating access to care and employment for people with disabilities

#CarePathwaysTraceability #MedicalData #HomeHealthcare #Telemonitoring #Prevention #EHealth #Teleconsultation #QualityOfLifeAtWork

Smart City

#NeighborhoodGovernance #TerritoryModeling #CollaborativeEconomy #SharedSpaces #EnergyEfficency #Logistics

All solutions for businesses, commercial real estate and private homes ...

All solutions for businesses, commercial real estate and private homes, contributing to the creation of the city of tomorrow: beautiful, lively, practical, connected and sustainable

Illustrations of solutions sought by Altarea Cogedim as an urban builder, Malakoff Médéric for its action in favor of quality of life at work and prevention, and La Poste within the framework of its activities in urban logistics and linked to energy transition :

  • Neighborhood governance and new participatory urban services
  • Territory modelling services (flow and use of public spaces) to optimize and adapt to observed uses
  • Services between users of the neighborhood facilitated by technical or social innovation
  • Waste management, recycling and circular economy at the service of the occupants
  • Urban logistics and delivery services at the service of the inhabitants - Home automation, energy education and sustainable lifestyle in housing
  • Reduction of energy consumption (all fluids) in tertiary and semi-industrial buildings
  • Emergence of solutions of self-consumption / self-production of renewable energies
  • Production and consumption of energy between cars and buildings
  • Sport and well-being in housing or neighborhood
  • Quality of life in work spaces
  • Cultural and arts services for users of the neighborhood.
  • #NeighborhoodGovernance #TerritoryModeling #CollaborativeEconomy #SharedSpaces #EnergyEfficency #Logistics #SmartHome #Confort #LeisureActivities #Selfconsumption


#LocalServices #CustomerExperience
 #DailyAssistant #ConciergeService #Connectedbusiness #socialTies

All connected devices and solutions to accompany companies on a daily basis ...

All the devices and solutions connected to support businesses on a daily basis by providing a rich, varied and quality service, or to simplify the everyday life of individuals (family, children, seniors, students, etc.) through a better customer experience.

Illustrations of solutions sought by La Poste to co-innovate around local services provided by mail carriers and its unique platform dedicated to businesses (

For individuals and professionals

  • Local services that can be operated by the postmen
  • Solutions to send the postman at the right time for an intervention or maintenance
  • Conversational assistant and solutions offering better interaction
  • Order placing or simplified service requests
  • Facilitated relations with the local environment (shops, neighborhood, city, etc.)
  • Strengthening of social ties
  • Home services (concierge service, management assistants, home support solutions, securing goods, etc.)

For companies and retailers

  • Multi-service local solutions
  • Supervision and reporting of services
  • Mail Assistant
  • Enhanced or simplified customer experience on physical or remote sites (animation, interaction, etc.)
  • Simple access and connection to services
  • Remote network

#LocalServices #CustomerExperience #DailyAssistant #ConciergeService #Connectedbusiness #socialTies #HomeServices


#PassengerExperience #Mobiquity #Intermodality #SharedMobilityServices

All solutions that contribute to creating a convenient, interactive, connected transport and mobility experience ...

All solutions that contribute to creating a convenient, interactive, connected transport and mobility experience. Illustrations of solutions sought by the RATP group as an expert in sustainable mobility and urban transport, Altarea Cogedim for its urban projects, and La Poste in the context of its activities in favor of mobility.

  • Passenger information systems
  • Services facilitating intermodality
  • Services facilitating the movement of persons with reduced mobility
  • Reinvented experience for transport users
  • Continuity of services or mobiquity services
  • New low nuisance and more economical urban mobility
  • Development of passenger transport without developing the use of individual vehicle
  • Intermodal service platform

#PassengerExperience #Mobiquity #Intermodality #SharedMobilityServices

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